Effective SMS marketing

Text messaging marketing, often dubbed SMS Marketing, is one of the most cost effective ways for a business to acquire new customers, and to convert those customers into repeat buyers. The beauty of using SMS marketing is that it is extremely cheap - and nearly everyone has a cell phone that they check constantly. We’ve.
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Top 5 VoIP Android Apps

The internet continues to empower the consumer - providing for an abundant amount of alternate choices for mobile calls and service. No longer are people chained strictly to the powerful telecom companies for their cell phones. If you want to save money and make calls anywhere in the world through the power of VoIP (Voice.
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Email marketing tips for entrepreneur

Email marketing is an important part of any big or small business. There are a few crucial don’t’s and tactics which businesses must understand. Strong email marketing campaigns can be the cornerstone to increase sales. With first-hand email marketing strategies to avoid, as well as tactics that a business or company must emulate to maximize.
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Asterisk vs FreeSwitch

Asterisk and FreeSWITCH are both Back-to-back user agents, often abbreviated B2BUA. Asterisk and FreeSWITCH act as a user agent for multiple ends (two or more), and use a common protocols like Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). The system allows handling of all SIP signaling - route calls, transfer calls, and can even translate codecs between different.
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