Our main aim is to work with clients and assist them in realizing their capabilities and horizons so that they can function at their full potential. Moreover, we also aim to provide top class IT consulting services to our clients while implementing new and unique technologies like WebRTC with the help of managerial expertise and experienced professionals who have a diverse skill set in the field of software development. This competitive mix of qualities along with the availability of technical infrastructure for VoIP and SMS broadcast will allow us to come up with services that are of superior quality and also economical.

Following are the values of our company that we intend to maintain as we progress and develop relations with our clients.

  • Work as honestly as possible with complete integrity
  • Work with the clients with passion and full dedication
  • Respect not only for the clients but also for the individuals within the organization
  • Accepting and overcoming challenges
  • Always keeping room for criticism which should allow us to improve from time to time
i-Trends Team

We believe that quality should be the top most priority and this can only be achieved if a positive attitude is promoted in the work environment. We are always open to feedback from our clients since we think that this two-way communication is key to improvement and excellence. Moreover, we also believe that our employees are the biggest assets of the company since our reputation depends on their expertise and loyalty.

Zbigniew Smetek